Agera Energy: Energy Efficiency Programs

Agera Energy has always been geared towards creating a community that utilizes electricity while still observing sustainability and cares for the environment. The company has created a lot of platforms for their consumers to take control of their energy consumption and has provided different ways for their clients to opt our for different options for their energy supply. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy also provides energy programs that will help residential homes or commercial spaces to save up on their energy costs while still producing the same quality of energy, or even better quality.



Agera Energy provides a rebate program for overhauling the traditional lighting systems of commercial areas to LED bulbs. These LED bulbs do not only shine brighter than the traditional bulb, but they also consume way less energy. Though it is more costly initially, it will save a lot of energy in the long-run that’s why Agera Energy recommends this switch. Read more about Agera Energy at