Achievements Of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell became the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson on October 2nd, 2017. He took the position of Roger Millay who retired voluntarily. He values teamwork and is impressed by cooperation and exquisite culture of Willis Towers Watson.


In 1997, Michael Burwell partnered with PwC and practiced transaction services. He later took the overall transaction services position in the PwC’s central region. In 2007, he became the Chief Financial Officer and in 2008, the Chief Operating Officer. In 2012, he held the Vice Chairman Global position and U.S. Transformation role.


He has practiced in the finance field for a period of 31 years in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). He has been the advisor for transaction services for 12 years. He has offered services in assurance practice in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. Willis Towers Watson being an organization dealing with insurance and reinsurance broking and advisory, allows Michael Burwell to work to his full potential.


His outstanding qualities are;

  • Diligent in his work and ability to handle different roles simultaneously.
  • Organizational skills portrayed in his transformation role.
  • Communication skills well demonstrated in his senior relationship partner role.


Burwell studied in Michigan state university where he pursed Bachelor of Art in Business Administration in 1986. He has held position as the Head of Global Transformation. He embraces change and can work in a complex organization. Michael Burwell’s great competence in finance is attributed to his long-term experience.


He has practiced auditing for 11 years. Michael Burwell has been entrusted to handle internal functions dealing with technological advancements, strategic sourcing, capital and finance. He has interacted at a personal level with clients in his senior relationship partner capacity.


He is captivated by leadership and commitment potentials of Willis Towers Watson. His great leadership qualities put him at a position to acquire different leadership roles in United States. He appreciates and respects individuals in different positions. See This Page for related information.


The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, is glad to work with him due to his managing skills. He believes that for a company to succeed, it has to put its clients first. He is success oriented. He is motivated to serve others.


His qualifications include;

  • Preparing financial reports.
  • CPA and accounting.
  • Pre-merger and Acquisitions.
  • Overall management.


He has dealt with taxes and taxation. Burwell has practiced and become experienced in financial analysis. He has helped companies requiring valuation services. He has become an outstanding financial expert in united states.


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